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Bed and Breakfast

You can compare all deals provide by '' also check its location based on your preference.

  • Budget with fan room: around $5 – $15

  • Double air-con rooms: $16 – $35

  • Medium range: $35 – $50

  • Standard: $70 – $110

  • Luxury: $120 – $300

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Hostels --- Hostels are another option for budget travelers. The lodging of choice for young, budget-conscious travelers. You will find different offer from various type of place to stay. Boutique hotels --- This is often design as Khmer historic. Most likely, those bedroom will comes with private bathroom. Breakfast is provided as part of the room rate. These provide more of a “homey” atmosphere than other accommodations. Hotels --- Hotels can offer the most facilities and come in different star levels. You will find different offer from various hotel based on its location... Resorts --- Resorts tend to be self-contained and come with all the facilities you need and can often be great for family holidays. They can sometimes be located in central places such as close to the local towns or maybe in more rural isolated locations, which can be perfect to just get away from everything and for honeymoons. Luxury Hotels & Resorts --- Cambodia has its fair share of 5 star properties, some are listed in the world top accommodation. These will offer you brilliant experience with Khmer design

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