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It is nothing but 'Peppercorns'

Priceless pepper were revered as the finest in the world. It is the world’s most popular spice, and Kampot's product specialty, Cambodia. It is highly renowned by French chefs for its fruity flavor.

Pepper or M'rex (in Khmer language). It has been growing mainly in Kampot province for decades hence it calls Kampot pepper in general. Kampot pepper cultivation has a long history and was first described in the 13th century, during the Angkorian era. Modern intensive production was initiated under the French colonial rule in the 1870s and at the beginning of the 20th century, in recent year harvested around 100 tonnes a year.

Refine with each and every berries

Kampot pepper are traditionally grown without any artificial fertilizer and pesticides, with hand-harvested. Each and every single berries are perfectly selected by the experts within the care process at their peak for perfect color with its varieties.

The very special flavor of the pepper is due to the rich soil of Kampot and its location between the foot of the mountains and the sea.

If you're talking the taste, I would say it's not just hot but it wakes your palate and enhance the taste of the dish. Nothing can compare to its aromatic and the uniqueness spicy flavor.

"It means like Champagne, it can grow only in a special area," Chaboche says. "You can't compare Champagne with any other wine. It's not the same. Same with Kampot pepper. It has a unique taste, a unique aroma, that you can recognize. You're only able to describe after you try it yourself.

You can find 4 varieties of pepper in Kampot:

Are you thinking of what to get for your love one? Then bring this peppercorns. Just go to the market and grab it.


The green/young Kampot pepper are fresh pepper corns, not dried or aged. The dish features green peppercorns was inspired by Khmer chef. With the mild spicy taste made perfect choice for seafood dishes.


They are harvested as a fully ripe and turn to yellow or bright red. After harvesting, the berries are soaked in water for several days so that the husk is removed. "The white one smells more like anise or herbs, and it's called by some Michelin chefs as the essence of pepper. It has a strong spicy taste perfect for soups and creamy dishes.


The black Kampot pepper is obtained from the still green pepper fruits. After harvesting, the pepper are sun-dried and goes through a fermentation process which causes the berries to turn black. The Black is a little spicy but it has a very a pleasant mature, strong and delicate taste, with a slight hint of mint fragrance. It is a little more spicy than the red hence it is better to serve with red meat.


It is extremely rare due to the significant risk involve in cultivating. There are only a few red berries per bunch. Kampot red pepper are fully mature and perfectly sun-ripened, this is what determines the color when harvested. It is very aromatic which will bring it's very best flavor into your dish. It is fresh and sweeter than others, this is perfectly used with dessert, chocolate, fruit, on salads.


Beef Lok Lak: if you're visiting Cambodia then Beef Lok Lak is a must for you to try. You can find this food in every corner of the country. It is a big miss if you leave the country without trying it.

Steak: regardless of Rosemary and other herbs, Kampot pepper will give you a great flavor with its aromatic that enhance the taste of the steak. All you need to do is just sprinkle little bit of salt and Kampot pepper.

Pepper crab: most Khmer people love to make a stir fried crab with green/young peppercorns including my family. A classical cuisine in Cambodia. It is simple and quick to make combining with less ingredients.

Black pepper sauce: you will find this pepper sauce with various food in Cambodia from street food to fine dining. You can dip-in with egg, fried chicken, beef, and any kind of seafood... everything that can think of.


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