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Find the tastiest tropical fresh fruit 

Fruit is fabulously popular in Cambodia as you would imagine with a very pleasant tropical climate. Banana, Mango, local orange or green orange, palm fruit and more tropical fruit, you can get almost every corner of the country. Some of the fruit are serve along with Khmer dishes such as young banana or mango both young or the ripeness one. 

Mix fruit finger

There are many type fruit where we like to eat as part of the day. Number of dipping sauces are serve with this fruit finger. The main dipping sauce are mix of green or red chilli, salt, sugar and MSG. This known as 'Om Bel M'tes' (Om Bel means salt and M'tes mean chili). And other dipping like 'Tek pro-haok' (refers to fermented fish), 'Ka-pi' (refers to shrimp paste), 'Tek-skor' (refers to palm sugar sauce). This snack are very famous especially for girl or pregnant women, everyone can eat it including my male friends.


Fresh fruit

Fresh juice & shake

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