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Welcome to Khmer food and cuisine,

Water, rice, various type of vegetable and freshwater fish are the prominent and have a strong influences on  Khmer cuisine. You will find the combination on your plate. The Mekong river is the twelfth longest river in the world, it is across five countries and including Cambodia within it lake cuts through the country. The lake calls 'Boeng Tole Sap' located in Siem Reap. Fermented paste-based ingredients and pickled ingredients, are prominent and you can find in every household.

A very famous Cambodian's art of blending the combination of lemongrass, galangal, tumeric, kathy lime leaves, garlic, chilli and seasoning known as "Kroeng". We use it for variety food from soup, curry, stir fried to roasted dishes. 



Marbel mortar.jpg

Kampot pepper delivers strong yet delicate aromas. Its taste, which can range from intensely spicy to mildly sweet also reveals floral and citrus hints.

Bring them home!

Food Cost

There various price range food cost in 


Street food

$0.50 - $2

Mid range

$3 - $7



$7 - $13


Fine Dining

$10 - $25

Cambodia has variety of eating options that will suit all budgets and tastes and you will find a wide range of fare just about everywhere.

  • Street food - You will find food stall along the riversides or parks in all the cities or major centers. If you're looking for a cheap and tasty light food or snack then look for food stall and grab it. 

  • Mid range - Taste like  local. If you want to taste real Khmer flavor, all you need to do is getting into eating house which located on nearly every corner.

  • Restaurant - If you're looking for a mix cuisines like Khmer and western... then restaurant will be your option. Does not mean you have to go to a fancy place, you will able to find those type of food in the almost every restaurant.

  • Fine Dining - Cambodia share in common of the world best restaurants hence bring sensational to your dinner table then you won't be disappointed.


Nom Bonh-jok


Noodle: rice

Soup: river fish (boneless), Kroeng, coconut milk

Light Food

Beef Salad

Beef, cabbage, onion, peanut

Nom Krouk

Rice flour and coconut milk

Beef Skewer

Grilled beef with papaya pickle

Pâte bread roll

Bread, pâte with papaya pickle

Fried fish

Serve with young mango salad

Main course

Beef Lok-Lak

Beef, salad, tomato, onion


Fish, Kroeng, coconut milk

Dessert and sweet

Palm sugar

made from palm juice


Jelly flour and coconut milk (with padan leaf)


Black-eyed pea bea, stickyrice and coconut milk

Sticky rice

Sticky rice, coconut milk, and fruit

Tau Suan

Bean, flour, and Ja-kwai (twin bread)

Ja-houy kmov

Grass jelly and coconut milk

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